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My Favorite House Plants

It’s no surprise that I draw a ton of inspiration from florals and house plants I don't have the biggest green thumb but I've learned a lot between my successes and failures with plants. Here is a cumulative list of my favorite house plants and how I take care of them.


Better know as a Snake Plant, or Mother in Law's Tongue. I've heard greenhouse owners explain it best - they thrive on neglect. These are absolutely perfect for first-time plant parents and here's why. They come in endless variations, tall or short, some are more round than others, and even different shades of green and yellow. You're able to get one that fits the decor you already have in your home, wether it's more edgy or more boho. They prefer medium-light but will adapt to your space and whatever light conditions you have. The best part is that they don't need much water. Honestly, I water mine once a month and even less in the Winter and have moved it all over my house and it does just fine no matter the lighting. They're awesome air purifiers so I love keeping them in places of the home where we spend more of our time- the living room and our room.

Pothos & Philodendrons

These two are very similar and I love them for the same reasons. Both pothos and philodendrons come in a ton of varieties. They're my favorite hanging plants because they grow relatively quickly when they're happy and you can even train them to grow up a stand. They're also really easy to care for- they prefer medium light and they like to dry out between waterings. They're quick to tell you if they're not happy. If you see the edges of your leaves are drying out, they need different care. The best part of them are that they're easy to propagate. If you cut off 4-6 inches of healthy stem with at least 4 leaves you can turn it into it's own plant. I like to put the stem I cut right into a little glass of water and let it grow it's root in a well-lit area. Once they grow roots I plant them and soil and try to get them to grow from there! Having little baby plants are the cutest things ever- trust me.


These might be the trickiest to take of out of this list- but they are just SO beautiful that it's worth dealing with their somewhat dramatic nature.

Pictured to the left is the Calathea Ornata, or Pinstripe Calathea, it's the first one I got. I keep it with my Calathea Fusion White (pictured below) because they like similar care. They're perfect bathroom plants because they love humidity, and even prefer to be watered with a mister. I got a really cute mister from Hearth and Home that I keep right next to them incase they're starting to dry up. They also thrive in bright indirect light so if you have a bright bathroom, you have a perfect home for a calathea. If you do decide to keep these in your bathroom, keep in mind the amount of moisture they're getting from your showers when you're watering them- you don't want to over do it. And they’re picture because while they love water, they don't want to sit in it. Water it often in small amounts.

It's even more breath taking in person because the undersides of the leaves are purple which shines through the white on top. Calatheas are "prayer plants" because their leaves fold up at night, and open up again in the morning. They're really fun to watch but you have to monitor them and make sure they're getting the right amount of sun and water to appreciate their beauty. I try to check mine every day because I find it's hard to recover if you mess up with one of these plants. If their leaves stay curled through out the day or start to yellow, try changing up their placement in your home or the amount of water they're getting. If you're checking them daily, their soil should be damp, not soaked.

Christmas Cactus

I love this plant for sentimental reasons. When I first started learning and loving house plants, my husband (then-boyfriend) got me a Christmas Cactus for our first Christmas together. He actually got it right after he purchased Indians Season Tickets because they signed Edwin Encarnacion- so we named the plant "Eddie". Getting your Christmas Cactus to bloom takes adamant care- which is why it's so rewarding. They have to be in an area where they'll get about 12-14 hours of darkness with little water for about 6-8 weeks around Christmas time. Afterwards, they can be moved to a sunny area to finish their bloom cycle. To be honest, I don't follow this exactly, this plant is easy to monitor if it's doing well or not and it's easy to correct. If I get a bloom, I get really excited, and if I don't- that's okay too.

Aloe Vera

This plant is just nice to have on hand because of it's healing properties. If you get a burn, including sunburn, you can remove a mature leaf, cut it open, and scoop out the gel to rub on the burn. It's also really easy to care for and can grow to be pretty big! They love bright, but indirect, sunlight and they like to be watered deeply but don't want to be watered often. During the winter, I only water it about once a month and during the rest of the year I water a little more frequently.

My favorite way to decorate my home is with plants. I'm constantly getting new plants and learning how to take care of them and it's so rewarding when you finally figure one out. If you're looking to add some to your home, a local greenhouse is a great place to start. They can help you pick a plant that fits the placement in your home and matches the ability of care you're able to provide.

Please note--the pictures in this post are not my pictures and not my plants.


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