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  • Color Changing String Lights | Beer Can Glass

Color Changing String Lights | Beer Can Glass


This listing is for one (1) Cup that is:
• 16 oz

• Glass 

• One of a kind, designed uniquely with permanent vinyl

• Has Color-Changing Vinyl with temperature

 -Light Bulbs will be frosted/clear at room temperature or warmer, and will turn red, orange, yellow and green when cold
• Comes with glass straw and bamboo lid *IF SELECTED*
• Hand wash only, care instructions included


Note: Colors may vary slightly from what appears on your monitor.

*Glass may appear frosted in picture but it is clear glass


For full details on this shop's return policy, please check the shop page or reach out with questions.


Feel free to contact me any time-

Instagram & Facebook: @ClayCollectionCo


  • HAND WASH ONLY!!! These were expertly made to last as long as they're taken care of.

    Gentle hand wash only

    Do NOT microwave or dishwash

    Do NOT soak

    Do NOT leave in extreme hot or cold temperatures for extended periods